Stu Electronic Driver Card

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  • Output signal [mA] [Max.] : *100-2500 mA Imax
  • *Adjustable Ramp Times
    *50-300 Hz Adjustable Working Frequency
  • External Pot. Supply : +5V - max current 50 mA
  • Supply Voltage: 10-30V Supply Voltage
  • Protection class IP : IP67
  • Electrical connection size:

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Stu Electronic Driver Card

Stu Electronic Driver Card

STU-PWM electronic card is a regulator for proportional solenoid valves, which can drive up to 8 modules (8+8 PWM outputs), starting from analog inputs (input signal range from 0 to 5V). If the inputs analog signals are generated from potentiometric joysticks, the control card provides a stabilized 5V supply to power them.

Adjustable PWM frequency, min/max output currents and rise/fall time ramps. As option, STU-PWM is available with two selectable speeds (FAST/SLOW mode), to operate a different maximum speed in different operating conditions. It is also available a DUMP VALVE output that is turned on when a manouvre turns on. However this output has a programmable delay on switch off, to avoid elevated pressure spikes in the hydraulic circuit. The control unit provides three ON/OFF input/output to drive directly solenoid valves, starting from low power command signal.

To ensure more safety during working mode, the electronic card provides:

  • programmable deadband, electrical stroke and adjustable signal threshold;
  • an overall relay, feedback controlled, supply all control unit’s outputs;
  • three inputs ENABLE signals (CONTROL PANEL ON, ENABLE1 and ENABLE2);
  • an output to control the DUMP VALVE;
  • an output (FAULT) to drive a warning light or a relay that report errors on analog inputs.

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