SQU-PF-45 cm Square 360 Rotating Signboard

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  • Front surface: Dual embossmnet white plexy
  • Sidewall: Metal black bakery coloured wall
  • Light system: First quality led lightining
  • Power source: IP68 Outer space power source
  • System of motor: A.C. Synchro motor
  • Speed of rotation: 5 rpm
  • Control system: Control of led and motor with remote


Measurements (mm)660x580x140
Power60 W
Weight9 kg
Areas of Printing – A(mm)410
Plexy measurement – B(mm)450
Height of Flange – C(mm)300
Width of Flange – D(mm)100
Width of Foot – E(mm)210
Total width – F(mm)660
Height of Product – G(mm)580
Width of Body – H(mm)140
SQU-PF-45 cm Square Rotary Signboard

Areas of Usage

  • Applications of advertisement
  • In fair, exhibit, shoppping malls
  • Guideboards
  • Production of signboard
  • Areas of industry
  • Decoration and interior architecture
  • Decorative products
  • Direction plaques

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