Speed Sensor – S12-18ADSO-5KSB10

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Speed Sensor – S12-18ADSO-5KSB10

Speed Sensor – S12-18ADSO-5KSB10 detects standard ferrous gears which are range from 0 to 32 pitch. The sensor do not need to orientation to tracks ferrous metal targets and gives a digital output. The sensor is preferred in finding punctures in rotary discs, detecting gears that have different tooth spacing. There are magnet and sensing element in structure of the sensor. The sensor has solid state and stable temperature. It is dynamic and it has self adjusting features.

Magnetic flux increases when the sensor detects ferrous metal thus the sensor triggers on the output. If the ferrous metals disappear, the magnetic flux decreases and the sensor triggers off the output. The speed sensor works with any orientations. Its supply voltage is range 4.2-24 VDC and its output type is NPN type. The sensors operating temperature range is from -40 ˚C to +110 ˚C degrees.

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