Speed Sensor – KJTDQ KJT-SK-41920-PR

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Speed Sensor – KJTDQ KJT-SK-41920-PR

KJTDQ sensors have a stainless steel screw in thread. There are non-contacting one or two measuring channels of the sensor. It works with inductive-magnetic technique for type FAJ13 and difference hall effect technique in range 0.2-20000Hz frequency for FAH13. Inductive-magnetic technique is based on module and scanning distance. The speed sensor has shock resistance and good vibration features. Speed Sensor- KJTDQ KJT-SK-41920-PR is preferred in scanning ferromagnetic equipments. Also these speed sensors are used in shipbuilding industry.

The sensor belongs to IP66/IP68/IP69 protection classes. Its scanning distance is from 0.2mm to 3mm and its supply voltage is 9-32VDC. Operating temperature range of the sensor is from -40°C to 120°C degrees. Thus these features the sensor offers safe use and high quality to customers.

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