Sentop R40-2410-W360 Rotary Encoder

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IP67, 360°, 6000 rpm, rotary potentiometer

Sentop R40-2410-W360 Rotary Encoder / Rotary Potentiometer

Sentop R40-2410-W360 rotary encoder’s (potentiometer or angle sensors) key feature is the angle range that the device can detect. With single-turn encoders, it is possible to cover up angles up to 360 degrees. There are distinctive differences between absolute value output and incremental output. Additionaly, when choosing the right product, the user should pay attention to environmental influences and easy servicing. Between all the possible parameters, each sensor technology has its own advantages. Each sensor has its specific properties. In requested applications, technical product adaptations are often required. Sentop R40-2410-W360 rotary encoder specifications given below.

General Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical Angle360° (Endless, W – Clockwise)
Protection DegreeIP67
Operating Torque<1mN.m
Max. Speed6000rpm
Life Expectancy100,000,000
Housing MaterialAnodized Aluminum Alloy
Shaft MaterialStainless Steel
Operating Temperature Range-40°C ~ +85°C
General Electrical Specifications
Standard ModelR40 2410 W360
Applied Voltage15 ~ 30V
Output Signal0 ~ 10V
Electrical Angle360°
Resolution4096 (12 Bit)
Update Rate0.3ms


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