Capsule Slip Ring Senring SNM022A-12-AL

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65,00$70,00$ (-7%)


Capsule Slip Ring Senring SNM022A-12-AL 12-Channel 2A

Capsule Slip Ring Senring family has various products such as Miniature slip rings. Outside diameters are between 6mm and 8mm. 2,4,6,8 and 12 channel (or more, depending on customer need) models are available. Mini slip ring is specially designed for data and video signals transmission of small and medium-sized equipment, like speed dome camera, children intelligent toys, stage lights,and drones.

A typical slipring is basically composed of three main parts: ring block (discreet rings), brush block and protective housing. The brush block rides on a ring block to ensure electrical contact during the movement. Thanks to mentioned electrical contact, slipring mechanism transfers signal and data from one part to another. By doing so a slipring improves the application performance, eliminates the risk of wiring damage, and simplifies the process.The protective housing provides environmental protection to the slip ring that’s normally referred as the slip rings IP rating which specifies the moisture resistance as well as the dust resistance of the part.

Number of Channel 12
Rated Current ≤ 30A / Per ring
Rated Voltage, max 250Vac 250VAC
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Number of revolutions 0-300 rpm
Connection Cable Length 300 mm cable (Stator /Rotor)
Contact Material Gold Alloy (Copper-Zinc-Gold)
Electrical Interference ≤ 0,01 Ω (5 rpm, 6 VDC, 0,2 A)

Senring SNM022A-12-AL 12-Channel 2A Aluminum Capsule Slip Ring

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