Sendyne SIM100MOD-AMA Isolation Monitoring Device


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The Sendyne SIM100MOD Module can operate accurately even when the battery is active and experiencing large voltage variations. SIM100MOD continuously monitors the insulation resistance between a vehicle’s IT (Isolated Terra) power system and chassis, insulation degradation and potentially dangerous leakage current levels. Using an advanced algorithm developed by Sendyne’s modeling team, the module complies with all relevant standards for EVSE and Charging Stations such as IEC 61557 and UL 2231, including providing two channels for minimum line detection.

SIM100 Isolation Monitoring Device / Ground Fault Detection / IMD / IIC
MonitoringVoltageCommCAN Speed
SIM100MOD ModuleContinuous100 V, 960 V, 1500 VCAN 2.0B250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s
SIM100MLP ModuleContinuous1100 VCAN 2.0B250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s


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  • Monitoring ungrounded (IT) DC power systems for hazardous resistive and capacitive leaks
  • Electric & hybrid vehicles
  • Charging stations / CHAdeMO fast charging / Charin
  • Energy storage facilities
  • Battery Management Systems


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