2-Axis Joystick Roda JEN–S2B

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1NO+1NC  Switch + Push-Button Joystick  / 2-Axis

  • - Two-axis control  (X+, X-,0, Y+, Y-)1NO+1NC mico-switch for each direction
  • Long life
  • Economic
  • Spring Return
  • IP65 protection class

2-Axis Joystick Roda JEN–S2B

2-Axis Joystick Roda JEN–S2B has newly constructed. The optimized price-performance ratio for small to medium usage.

Electrical & Mechanical Specifications

Operation Angle±30° from the center position
Supply Voltage5Vdc
Contact1NO+1NC for each side
Microswitches Rating250Vac /5A

Microswitches Rating

Operation ForceBetween 1 and 5,5N
Mechanical Life2×10⁶
Dielectric Strength1min at 500Vac
Insulation ResistanceAbove 1,000 MΩ at 500Vdc.
Operating Temperature-20°C  to +65°C
WeightApprox. 140 g



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