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Dinamic Oil’s planetary reducers utilize planetary gears. They reduce the speed and increase the torque of a rotating input. The company arranges these gears in a “planetary gear train,”. This is where one or more gears (called “planet gears”) orbit around a central gear (called the “sun gear”). An outer gear (called the “ring gear”) holds the planets in place. Dinamic Oil planetary reducers apply input power directly to the sun gear. Besides output power comes from the planet carrier or the ring gear.

This planetary reducer provides a high gear reduction ratio in a compact package, which makes it perfect for applications where space is limited. We commonly use these reducers in industrial machinery, robotics, and wind turbines, as well as in other applications that require high torque and precise control.

Our gearboxes are designed to deliver exceptional performance in a compact form factor. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of custom solutions to ensure that our gearboxes can meet the specific needs of any application that requires a reliable and compact mechanical transmission.

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