Mth Type Joysticks

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  • Output signal [mA] [Max.] : 0.5 - 4.5 V Analog Output
  • Supply Voltage: 10-30V Supply Voltage
  • Measurement Ranges: 0…360⁰
  • Operating Temperature: -20/+60 Degrees Operating Temperature
  • Axes : X - Y ( Z - W WITH OPTIONAL ROLES )
  • Protection class IP : IP67
  • Electrical connection size : 12 PIN DEUTSCH CONNECTOR

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Mth Type Joysticks

Mth Type Joysticks

  • Ergonomic design for high level of comfort
  • Proportional controls (up to 4 simultaneous) and on-off (up to 10) on front and operator sides
  • Besides backlight illumination of proportional functions
  • Additionally capacitive operator presence detection
  • Right and left hand configuration
  • Capacitive operator presence detection with lighting signal
  • With soft rubber support for the hand

The new MTH handle has been developed by WALVOIL to combine the requirements of ergonomy and functionality, for different mobile applications.
The shape of the handle make it suitable for an intensive use, ensuring high levels of comfort for the operator.
Therefore operator can find out the best hand position on it.
The grip can be configured with a high number of pushbuttons (up to 10) and proportional controls (up to 4), giving the operator the possiblity to control the complete machine functionality just with one hand.
However LEDs offer to the operator a very quick and simple indication about the status of the system.

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