Monarch Instrument ROS-P Remote Optical Speed Sensor

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LED, 250000 rpm, 91cm 

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325,00$350,00$ (-7%)


 Monarch Instrument ROS-P Remote Optical Speed Sensor

Monarch Instrument ROS-P remote optical speed sensor has the red LED light source acts as the aiming device during setup. However it can accurately measure speeds. The sensor is housed in a threaded 303 stainless steel tube and supplied with a 90 degree.

The sensor is a non-contact device that measures the speed of an object by using the principles of optics. It typically consists of three main components: a light-emitting source, a light detector, and a signal processing unit. The light-emitting source emits a beam of light towards the object whose speed is to be measure. The light then reflects off the object and returns to the light detector. By measuring the time it takes for the light to make this round trip. The sensor can determine the speed of the object.

One of the major benefits of using a remote optical speed sensor is that it is non-contact. That means that it does not physically touch the measuring object. This makes it less likely to cause wear and tear or damage to the object. It is particularly important in high-speed applications. Additionally, because the sensor uses light to measure the speed of the object. Therefore it can be measure the speed of objects that are moving at high speeds or are in hazardous environments, where it might not be safe for other types of sensors.

Remote optical speed sensors are widely used in a variety of industries and applications. Including automotive, industrial automation, and scientific research. Automotive industry, this sensors are measure the speed of wheels. In addition to that, it can measure other rotating parts of a vehicle. In industrial automation, they monitor the speed of conveyors and other moving machinery. And in scientific research, for measure the speed of objects in high-speed experiments and to gather data for analysis.

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