Mercotac Model 330 Rotary Electrical Connector


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Three Conductors, 30 amps


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Mercotac Model 330 Rotary Electrical Connector

Model No.TerminalsMaxAmpMax.Freq.Contact ResistanceMax.RPMTemp Max. Rotation Torque 
330330100MHz<1mΩ1200140 (60) /-20(-29)300(gm-cm)


Number of Channel3
Rated Current30A
Rated Voltage, max 250Vac250VAC
Operating Temperature Range-20° to 140° C
Maximum Speed, max1200 rpm
Maximum Frequency100 MHz
Insulation Resistance>25 Mohm
Rotation Torque300 gm-cm


VoltShop is no an authorized distributor for MERCOTAC. MERCOTAC is a registered trademark of Mercotac, Inc.

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