Mercotac Model 205-H Rotary Electrical Connector


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Mercotac Slip Rings Model 205-H - 2 Conductor 4 Amper 

- RPM : 3600RPM
- Maximum Operating Voltage: 250V AC/DC
- Maximum Continuance Operating Current (240V AC): 4  Amper
- Maximum Frequency: 200 MHz
- Outer Diameter: 14,3mm
- Circuit Breaking Resistance:  >25 Megaohm


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Mercotac Model 205-H Rotary Electrical Connector

Mercotac Model 205-H 2 Conductor 4A

– Brushless transmission technology
– Easy assembly and care unrequired body
– Data and/or power transmission
– Small sized and pretty light body
– More than 1 billion rotations long use duration
– Electrical parasites are such tiny that can be ignored, noiseless ruin
– Made in USA.

VoltShop is no an authorized distributor for MERCOTAC. MERCOTAC is a registered trademark of Mercotac, Inc.

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