M3S-MP Connecting Kit

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ML-TECH M3S-MP Connecting Kit

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M3S-MP Connecting Kit

M3S-MP Connecting Kit mostly used for MlTech Brushless slip ring M3S-MP.

  •  Lower electrical noise
  •  Low contact resistance rate (<1mΩ)
  •  No maintenance need
  •  Available with free mounting accessories
  •  Compact design
  •  Power and signal transferring at the same
  •  Power transferring up to 30A per pole
  • Sensors, thermocouples, strain-gauges and
    many other signal transfer capabilities
  • Cost effective usage
  • Higher reliability than classical slip rings
  • High frequency rate (up to 200MHz)
  • Customizable design with options:
    → Up to 7500A
    → Through-bore models
    → High-voltage models
    → Up to 20 poles

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