GLVAC GLF40AC, 40A, 800Vdc DC Contactor

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SPST-NO, 40A, Coil: 24Vdc, Contact: 800VDC

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56,00$60,00$ (-7%)


GLVAC GLF40AC, 40A, 800Vdc DC Contactor / Power Relay

GLVAC offers the GLF40AC High Voltage DC Contactor or power relay for switching 40A continuous current.

-Ceramic seal – Adopts high reliable ceramic seal technology and fill gas with strong cooling ability to
quickly switch off the DC load.

-Fully sealed – Prevents arc exposure, contacts are in a sealed environment with low and stable contact
resistance, can work in harsh environment. Internal protection level of contacts can reach IP67.

-Fully RoHS compliant – Better for the environment.

-Application fields – BEV, battery charging system, PHEV, charging pile and other.


Technical Specifications of GLF40AC
Contact arrangement SPST-NO
Coil voltage 24 VDC (18 to 32Vdc)
Rated voltage 12 to 800VDC
Rated current 40A (Cable 10mm2)
Current carrying capacity 60A, 120min
100A, 5min
200A, 30s
300A, 5s
Min. load 1A, 12VDC
Max. switching current 400A, 450VDC, 1 time
Contact resistance (initial) < 5mΩ (at 40A)
Electrical life1 (resistive load) 40A, 450VDC, 10000 times (make & break)
40A, 750VDC, 5000 times (make & break)
120A, 450VDC, 30 times (make & break)
-40A, 200VDC, 10000 times (make & break)
-40A, 750VDC, 5000 times (make & break)
Mechanical Life 200,000 cycles
Note 1: Unless specified, all tests are conducted in normal room temperature. Operating frequency: 0.6s on, 5.4s off.

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