GLVAC GL250HAANA, 250A, 800Vdc DC Contactor

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SPST-NO, 250A, Coil: 12-36Vdc, Contact: 800VDC, with NO Aux

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94,00$106,00$ (-11%)


GLVAC GL250HAANA, 250A, 800Vdc DC Contactor / Power Relay

GLVAC offers the GL250HAANA High Voltage DC Contactor or power relay for switching 250A continuous current. Main contact is SPST-NO with SPST-NO aux. contact.

-Ceramic-Metal seal—uses highly reliable ceramic sealing technology and is filled with strong arc
cooling ability of gas,which can rapidly cut off the DC load.

-Ceramic seal—to prevent the exposure of arc,contact in a sealed environment ,contact resistanceislow
and stable,can work in harsh environment. The intermal protection level of contact can reach IP67.

Technical Specifications of GL250HAANA
Main contact form SPST-NO
Coil voltage 12-36 VDC (8.5 to 36Vdc)
Rated voltage 12 to 800VDC
Rated operating current 250A (with 150mm2 wire)
Short-time current 320A, 10min
480A, 1min
1600A, 1s
Figure1 current carrying capacity
Min. load 1A 12VDC
Max. break load 1600A 320VDC 1 cycle
Contact resistance (initial at rated current) < 0.4mΩ
Electrical life-resistive load1 250A 450VDC 1000 cycles (make&break)
250A 750VDC 400 cycles (make&break)
300A 750VDC 50 cycles (break only)
-250A 320VDC 12 cycles (break only)
Mechanical Life 300,000 cycles
Contact form SPST-NO
Rated load 2A 24VDC
Min load 0.1A 8VDC
Note 1: Unless particularly stated, the test conditions are room temperature, operation frequency: 0.6s on, 5.4 off.

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