AC Vacuum Contactor GLVAC CKJ11-500/3.6


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Current: 500A,  Voltage: 3600Vac, Coil: 220Vac


AC Vacuum Contactor GLVAC CKJ11, 500A/3.6kV

AC Vacuum Contactor GLVAC CKJ11-500/3.6  is using a whole new and functional technology. This type of contactors can enable the high voltage variables switching via using the vacuum technology. The paramount issue of every product is lifetime and this contactor undertake to have a long life with undersize design. In addition to this, the traditional contactors needs more maintenance and pick-up power than these new vacuum contactors. Beside all this advantages, it is consistent, dependable and has low circuit resistance.

In the light of all the facts mentioned above, this contactors can be seem as a wonder of developing technology. As we know, switching is a critical process in high voltages. This contactor avoids arcing while the system is working and during this term not only contactor has a longlife, the system will have, too.

Certain electrical specifications of this product:

Operating Voltage3600V (3.6kV)
Operating Current500A
Rated Making Capacity (A/50 times)4000A
Rated Breaking Capacity (A/50 times)4000A
Limited Breaking Capacity (A/3 times)5000A
Rated Short Time withstand Current5kA
Pick-up Power (W transient)400
Hold Power (W transient)45
Electrical Life Time6 x 104
Control Power Voltage Options220V
Auxiliary Contact4 x NO + 2 x NC
Auxiliary Contact CapacityAC-15: Ue: AC380V le: 0.7A
DC-13: Ue: DC220V le: 0.1A

For more information and qualifications, you can reach the datasheet by clicking here.


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