GIGAVAC MXSB16CE Current Sensing DC Contactor

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600A, 24Vdc, with NO Aux. Contact, Current Sensing

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473,00$489,00$ (-3%)

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GIGAVAC MXSB16CE Current Sensing DC Contactor(Smart-Tactor™)

GIGAVAC Smart-Tactor MXSB16CE MIL & Heavy Duty DC Contactors

GIGAVAC MXSB16CE sealed DC Contactor is designed to meet MIL-R-6106 and are especially suited for military vehicles and heavy-duty applications. The ceramic to metal weld allows for operation in extreme temperatures up to 200°C. Silver contacts ensure long life and contact weld resistant operation even in high inrush and overload applications.

Main Contact Silver / SPST / NO
Coil Voltage 24VDC
Mechanical Life 300,000 cycles
Operating Temp Range -55ºC to 85ºC
Rated Current 600 Amps
Contact Voltage Rating 12V-48V
Fault Interrupt @28Vdc 5000 A
Auxiliary Contact None
Weight 2lbs, 910g
VoltShop is no an authorized distributor for GIGAVAC. Gigavac is a registered trademark of Sensata Technologies, Inc.

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