EST6 (AC4598-6), 6-Circuit Slip Ring, Through Bore, under 50 Mbps

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1.5" Through bore, 6-circuit slip ring, data speeds under 50 Mbps (non-Ethernet), replacement for AC4598-6

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EST6 (AC4598-6), 6-Circuit Slip Ring, Through Bore, under 50 Mbps 

EST6 (AC4598-6), 6-Circuit Slip Ring, Through Bore, under 50 Mbps

A through-bore slip ring typically has a hollow cylindrical design with a stationary brush assembly on the inside and a rotating ring assembly on the outside. The through-bore slip ring allows for the passage of a shaft or other mechanical component through the center of the device, enabling the transfer of power and signals to equipment that is mounted on or around the shaft.

Compared to other types of slip rings, the through-bore design provides more flexibility in terms of the size and shape of the shaft or mechanical component that can pass through it. It also allows for the use of larger and more complex equipment that may not fit within the confines of a standard slip ring.

MAX. DATA SPEEDUnder 50 Mbps [Non-Ethernet]
CAPSULE LENGTH2.130″ [54 mm]
LEAD WIRE LENGTH36″ [914 mm]
WIRE GAUGE (AWG) / MATERIAL16 / Tin-Plated Copper
ELECTRICAL NOISE100 Milliohms (max.)
DUST / WATER PROTECTIONDSTI Slip Rings are designed with seals to help protect against dust, light splash and condensation. If your application requires additional protection, contact a member of our Sales Support Team to discuss options.
PRODUCT DISCLAIMERValues are dependent on a combination of all application parameters. Please note operational life is dependent upon both rotational speed, duty cycle and temperature.

In order to successfully transfer digital data signals, a variety of conditions must be met. Please consult with DSTI for approval. For the most reliable transfer of digital data signals, see our Ethernet slip ring options.

All electrical components (including electrical slip rings) are non-returnable.

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