CKJ5-400/1.14 AC Vacuum Contactor


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400A, 1.14kV, Coil 220Vac 

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GLVAC CKJ5, 400A/1.14kV AC Vacuum Contactor

GLVAC CKJ5-400/1.14 AC vacuum contactor is suitable in electrical system rated operational voltage up to 1140V to make or break remote motors or system, suitable for the control of AC motor’s frequent, widely used in power systems, oil fields, chemical industry, mine, metallurgists and electrified railway, etc.

Operating Voltage 1140V (1.14kV)
Operating Current 400A
Rated Making Capacity (A/50 times) 4000A
Rated Breaking Capacity (A/50 times) 3200A
Limited Breaking Capacity (A/3 times) 4500A
Pick-up Power (W transient) 860
Hold Power (W transient) 28
Mechanical Life Time 1 x 106
Electrical Life Time 6 x 104
Control Power Voltage Options 36, 127, 220V
Auxiliary Contact 2 x NO + 1 x NC
Auxiliary Contact Capacity AC-15: Ue: AC380V le: 0.7A
DC-13: Ue: DC220V le: 0.1A
Weight 10.25 kg

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