Ced400x Electronic Driver Card

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  • Net weight : * 300 g Weight
  • Output signal [mA] [Max.] : * 12V/6A, 24V/3A Imax
    * Adjustable Ramp Times
    * Adjustable Working Frequency
  • Supply Voltage: 8-32V Supply Voltage
  • Operating Temperature: -40 / +80
  • Protection class IP : IP67

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Ced400x Electronic Driver Card

Ced400x Electronic Driver Card ‘s main qualifications:

• Programmable according to IEC 61131-3 standard through PHC Studio
• 12/24 VDC applications
• 3 Hardware configurations with “ready-to-use” application software
• Designed for PHC electronic systems

The CED400W is a microprocessor-based PWM driver control 8 proportional solenoid valves (4+4).
In the controllers is always loaded the standard application software that is “ready-to-use” (e.g. for analog joysticks, CAN bus joysticks of fan drive) and the control parameters can be easily adjusted through the WST STUDIO software.
However it is possible to develop and download a custom application software with the PHC Studtio tool. In this case access to IEC61131-3 programming language is built-in.
Also available is the PHC STUDIO Starter Kit (p/n 182400021), that contains an ECU, sample actuators, a wire harness, tutorial programs and the complete documentation.
Other features:
• Solenoid currents measurement (to compensate changes in coil resistance, temperature and supply voltage)
• Programmable Dither frequency (to reduce spool sticking)
• Additionally protected power supply (against reversed polarity and load dump)
• Besides, protected inputs and outputs (input: against short circuits to GND and to power supply; output: against short circuits, reversed polarity, over-current and over-temperature)

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