AVR Cable Reel SPRING AVR 2×1

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  • Cable Information: Rubber insulated special production cable with 2x0.5 mm section.
  • Cable Length: 20 meters cable options are available.
  • Protection class IP : IP66
  • Max. Power : 4 Amps

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AVR Cable reel, thy name is cable drum or cable retractor is several pulleys that carries various types of wires. Primary objective of this pulleys are put in order and transport cables smoothly. The configuration of this product is make wires portable and collapsable. That is making them mobile and easy storegable.

At the time of shopping for avr cable reel, the qualifications should be:

  • Match with measurements of your wires,
  • Have protection for your application field,
  • Compatible for your purpose.

For instance, if an operation is looking for cranes, they should use a Crane cable drum for their industry or if a system has heavier cables, the cable drum that they should use would be more durable.

Most common areas of usage:

  • load-bearing systems,
  • conveyor belts,
  • forklifts,
  • sliding doors and garage Gates,
  • robotic arms,
  • theatre backstages.

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