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  • Net weight : 200 g
  • Output signal [mA] [Max.] : 0-10 VDC , 4-20 mA or CAN OPEN - REDUNDANT OUTPUT
  • Supply Voltage : 12 … 24 VDC
  • Measurement Ranges: 0…360⁰
  • Operating Temperature : - 30°C … +70 °C
  • Measurement Axes: X
  • Protection class IP : IP67
  • Electrical connection size: 8x0.14 mm2 shielded cable or M12 male socket
  • Shipment: in 1-2 business days (for stocks)
  • Free Shipment / Incoterms-CPT
  • Easy payment online or bank wire transfer (with proforma invoice)



The ATEK angle sensor, which is combination of mechanical and electronical device that can measure and convert mechanical circulation into a scaled electrical signal. The signal can be used in a motion control system to enable angular movement and positioning of a rotary machine segment.

Angle sensors mostly used in agriculture and forestry machines, wind power plants and automation industry areas.

Atek produces INC 210 series with angle measurement between 0-360 degrees, compansated axis accuracy, high precision(±0.1⁰) and able to determine 0 point. In addition these sensors have reduntant output and 3 different options of output signal:

1)0-10V DC voltage output,

2)4-20mA current output,

3)CANopen signal output.

With easy set-up feature this product provides fastest solution for most application fields. In addition to this, it has undersize & metal body and close packed structure.

IP Code: IP67 (This product can againstand the powder and water till 30 minutes.)

Especially in the field of machine and winch, these sensors can work in outdoor easily because of their IP codes.

These products could be produce with redundant output wishedly.

Running temperature of this sensors : -30 between +70 degrees celcius.

Other technical qualifications of this sensor is contains in the datasheet.


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