Ajw Type Joysticks

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  • Output signal [mA] [Max.] : 0.5 - 4.5 V Analog Output
  • Supply Voltage: 10-30V Supply Voltage
  • Measurement Ranges: 0…360⁰
  • Operating Temperature: -20/+60 Degrees Operating Temperature
  • Axes : X - Y ( Z - W WITH OPTIONAL ROLES )
  • Protection class IP : IP67
  • Electrical connection size : 12 PIN DEUTSCH CONNECTOR

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Ajw Type Joysticks

Ajw Type Joysticks

Analog joystick is a type of control device that provides more precise control compared to a traditional digital joystick. It typically consists of a stick that can be move in any direction. However it is often control movement in video games or other applications. Unlike digital joysticks, the analog joystick allows for a full range of motion. This means that the position of the joystick can be adjust to any degree, allowing for finer control over movements in the game or application. The joystick connect to an analog-to-digital converter, which translates the position of the joystick into a digital signal that can be read by a computer or game console. This allows for a greater degree of precision and control compared to digital joysticks, making analog joysticks popular for use in a variety of gaming and simulation applications.

• Hall effect contactless double axis joysticks
• The contactless technology guarantees long life and precise comfortable control
• Robust mechanical design; specifically tailored to off-highway operating machines
• Handles with additional proportional axis

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