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What types of sensors are available?

Temperature Sensor: A temperature sensor detects and measures the temperature, then converts this data into electrical signals.

Pressure Sensor: A pressure sensor measures the pressure of gases and liquids, then generates an electrical signal based on the measurement of the pressure applied.

Speed Sensor: A speed sensor as the name suggests, measures speed and then converts these measurements into electrical signals output.

Flow / Level Sensor: Flow sensors measure the flow rate of liquids and gases in pipes and tubes.

Proximity Sensor: A proximity sensor is a sensor that can detect the presence and proximity of objects. Its main areas of use are smart robots and parking devices.

Magnetic Sensor: A magnetic sensor is used to detect positions. They are used where very long sensing distances are required.

Position Sensor: A Position sensor determines the position of objects based on a certain reference point.

Color Sensor: A color sensor is a type of photoelectric sensor. It determines the colors in the targeted object. In doing so, it uses the red, blue, and green light intensity of the object.

Ultrasonic Sensor: Ultrasonic sensors generate or detect ultrasound energy. For example, ultrasonic parking sensors are used to help the driver return to parking spaces.

Tilt Sensor: A tilt sensor detects the direction of the slope relative to a specific reference point.

Vibration & Accelerometer Sensor: This type of sensor is used to measure vibration, impact, and acceleration.

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