GLVAC GL Series High-Voltage DC Contactors are used to switch the DC load devices connected with the sources, they are basically electronic operated switches that are operated by coil, hence, performs the switching tasks. They are switched by the central controller.

GL Type Rated Current Rated Voltage Coil Voltage Contact Form PDF
GLK20 20A 800Vdc 12~24Vdc SPST-NO
GLF40 40A 800Vdc 12~24Vdc SPST-NO
GL100 100A 1000Vdc 12~24Vdc SPST-NO
GL150 150A 800Vdc 12~24Vdc SPST-NO, with NO Aux
GL250 250A 800Vdc 12~36Vdc SPST-NO, with NO Aux
GLW400 400A 800Vdc 12~24Vdc SPST-NO

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