RoKab is local brand of cable reel drum. The cable collection drums are manufactured to be used in electricity and communication (signal, sound, video, etc.) infrastructures. RoKab cable reels can work with cable products with multiple cores and different diameters. The technical equipment of RoKab cable reels are manufactured in such a way that they can carry cables of all lengths and weights.

The brand has 20 years experience. The cable reels offer flexibility in system and are the most preferred cable drums. RoKab cable drums are used in robotic arms, industrial belts, production and conveying belts. The cable reels of RoKab offer solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. They provide uninterrupted function indoors and outdoors. The cable drums of RoKab have high quality rewind springs. RoKab cable reels have a solid body structure and a special bearing system. Maintenance and service opportunities are offered with the assurance of RoKab.

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