Ravioli was founded in 1949 and since then the company manufacturing new products for electrical industry. For 73 years, they had continued to develop by observing market from the perspective of customers. They had made this idea as their mission. They always aims to satisfy their customers and increase the products to high quality. The products of the company provide quality and reliable usage. The company manufactures sliprings, rotary limit switches, safety industrial radio remote controls, twin connectors for battery powered vehicles, push buttons, pedant stations and joystick controllers, DC Connectors for battery powered vehicles. Their product application Agriculture, Industrial automation, Material handling and telecommunication, nautical application, etc.. Ravioli is a globally renowned manufacturer of mechanical and electro-mechanical devices for the global industry. Ravioli lets the customer to meet the high-quality standard components which has been made in Italy.

Products of the Company

  • Slip Rings
  • Rotary limit switches
  • Twin Connectors for Battery Vehicles
  • Push buttons pendant stations
  • Safety Industrial Radio Remote Controls

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