Hansford Sensors

Hansford Sensors serves in areas of metal ındustry, health sector, wind turbines, underwater applications, paper industry, mining and food sector. The company produces vibration measurement equipments. Hansford vibration & accelerometer sensors and monitoring products are used by various firms. Hansford vibration sensors have a quality and reliability design and it is designed to meet the demands of customers easily in areas of technique.

Industrial accelerometer and vibration transmitters of this company detect risks that will cause of malfunctions previously. Therefore the electronic compenents enter into debugging and making maintenance of general system. Besides the vibration sensors can mounted to restricted access parts  that motor, fans and pump of machine easily. Thus the system is controlled continuously and interfere to system in state of emergency. Datas can be read from the outputs  locally or remotely with PLC, BMC or modules with 4-20 mA input.

In metal industry  the vibration & acceleration sensors and 4-20 mA vibration transmitters are used in roller mills and cooling towers. All pieces of fan and motor are protected as monitoring with Hansford vibration sensors in medicine sector.

In wind turbines accelerometers of the company prevent to be damaged wing of turbine and provide high efficiency in any air conditions in systems. Also products of Hansford provide to protect load pumps, turbo charges, fans and ventilating fans against various delay and faults in underwater operatings.

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