Asiantool is a company which has been established in 2001, enhanced and expanded slip ring items. The slip ring is a product that transmits the electric while the component is rotating. To satisfy the needs of fast growing worldwide technology rialto, Asiantool produces non-mercury slip ring which is peripherally friendly. Slip rings which have been made by Asiantool, produced engage high quality non-conducting, impermeability and conductive technologies.

The technology of this company, adequate to customize electrical rotating connectors (slip rings) and compose the multi conductors rotary connectors up tp 32 poles and single conductor could be up to 25000 A.
Slip rings have extremely low noice, cost and contact resistance which is less than 1 mini ohm. Besides they do not need maintenance and these slip rings are more confidential than conventional ones. In addition to the whole qualifications, they are sufficient for signal and power transmissions of rotating components.

Some application fields of slip rings:

  • Package machines, 
  • Textile machines,
  • Robotic arms,
  • Wind turbines esc.

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